Grand Theft Auto IV

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    Grand Theft Auto IV

    Post by Species on Mon May 05, 2008 6:10 am

    Grand theft auto 4 review

    The long wait is over but does the gave live up to all the hype?

    Upon inserting the game for the 1st time (Ps3 version) you are made to wait 5mins while it installs, you are greeted with art work from the game an a menacing bassy (sp) sound track.

    One the installations is complete the next 5min are the credits and opening scene blended seamlessly together in a movie-esk type way, and this introduces the main characters Niko, and his cousin Roman.

    Iím going to steer clear of the storyline and just stick to the game play.

    Having played all the other GTA games in the series Iím use to the old control, so why the hell they changed them I donít know, but thankfully you can chose the classic control options in the game menu.

    As with most game they is a tutorial as you play, teaching you how 2 do this and that for those how are new to the game, or 2 lazy to read the manual.

    The driving has been improved and the handling for each different car is apparent with them all handling completely differently


    Cover system
    This has been improved with a new cover system, which allows you to take cover behind walls, car, benches whateverís around you. but be but take note of what you use for cover, a open car door, wood, glass are not as good as wall's and Iíve noticed on occasions they take damage too.

    you can now counter, perform knock out blows and at certain point execute people but to be honest Iím not happy with the fighting, it seem a bit glitchey, nope i say get a gun, knife or bat Very Happy


    The ai is great and has been improved, people go about there business until you interact with them, e.g. if you shoot someone in there leg they go down holding where they were shoot, on lookers will run. The police AI is much better too shoot at them and they take cover.

    The City
    this looks great and is huge, its best seen at night, thatís when it really lights up.

    they is so much too do in this game, you can shop, bowl, play dart, comedies shows, watch TV (very funny) use the internet, drink, strip clubs, races loads of missions, pool, night clubs.
    Iím sure I have left loads of things out but i not good at reviews
    all i can say is if you are easily offended donít play this game, that being said the game mockery of the world is a great social commentary in it self

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