[FanFic] Batman: Who Has The Last Laugh

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    [FanFic] Batman: Who Has The Last Laugh

    Post by Nightwolf on Mon Jul 28, 2008 5:33 am

    Hey folks. I was a little disappointed with my last story so I decided to do another one. And here it is. I hope you enjoy.

    Who Has The Last Laugh

    Chapter One

    Two figures walked down the dark corridor of Arkham Asylum side by side. Alexander Knox was dressed in a grey suit carrying a tape recorder and a note pad with pen in his breast pocket. Dr Harley Quinn was dressed in a white coat and name tag attached to the pocket. Both had an anxious look on their face. But Alexander’s seemed to be more cheerful. “Normally I don’t let members of the press see him Mr Knox but your contribution to the asylum shows you aren’t like other members of the media. They usually bribe either the police or the guards here to talk to him. You donated money to the asylum itself. Since he’s my patient I have to ask you, what makes you think you’ll understand him?” Asked Dr Quinn. “Well Dr Quinn, I don’t think I will by myself. But then that’s not the reason I’m here. I’m here to talk to the people of Gotham City and after his capture, they’re wondering WHY he caused the chaos he did. They need a voice to ask him these questions. That’s why I’m here. I mean no offence Dr, but you don’t work for Gotham’s number one selling newspaper. I’m sure you’ll be curious to hear what he says. And you’ll be able to read it in tomorrow’s paper.” Replied Knox. “I hope you know what…” said Dr Quinn before noticing they were at the door to the cell. The two guards outside the door looked at Knox and Dr Quinn and they had heard the conversation they had had. “I’m sorry Dr Quinn but you can’t go in. Mr Knox has to go in alone.” Said one of the guards. “That wasn’t discussed with me!” Replied Dr Quinn. “I’m sorry to hear that doctor. I had no idea this was happening.” Said Knox. “No you don’t understand Mr Knox. HE said he wanted to see you alone. Otherwise he won’t see you” Said the guard. Knox and Dr Quinn looked at each other. Dr Quinn sighed. “How long do you need with him Mr Knox?” “However long he needs to explain things Doctor. That’s all I’ll need. I can make more contributions to the asylum…” “No. That won’t be neccassary Mr Knox. This may be a helpful insight into him. Guards, let him in.” And with that the guards opened the door. “I assure you Dr Quinn, I’ll be fine. The guards will be right outside the door.” Said Knox. “I don’t like this Mr Knox. But I leave it to you to talk to him.” And with that Dr Quinn walked away into the dark corridor. Mr Knox then walked into the cell. Sat at the table was a man in a straight jacket with a white face with a red smile on his face. Knox had seen this face before but never up close. He knew that he was about to talk to one of Gotham City’s most criminally insane people. His excitement was almost at fever pitch. The Joker looked at him and said “Pull up a chair Knox and let’s have a good old fashioned chin wag!” And then he laughed that insane laugh that struck fear into most people. But Knox simply pulled up a chair and set the note pad down and put his pen on the table and pressed the record button on his tape recorder.

    Chapter Two

    “First of all Joker, thank you for seeing me.” Said Knox as he sat down. “No need to thank me Mr Knox. I read the newspaper and I read your articles. Seems like you are one of the few people that aren’t afraid to tell the truth in this city. I’m sure you were great at truth or dare when you were a kid!” Replied The Joker. “I never played it to be honest. But I’m sure you’re aware that’s not why I’m here. I’m here to listen and tomorrow morning the people of Gotham are going to listen to what you have to say too. I’ll make sure when I present the article to my editor, we print EVERY word. The people deserve to hear what you have to say.” Replied Knox who moved his chair closer to the table. “What I have to say huh?” The Joker smiled even more than usual. “Well Mr Knox, I feel if the people deserve to hear what I have to say, I’ll tell them what they want to hear. Every day they wake up to something on the news that’s happened. A bank robbery, a murder, a crime deal or a criminal doing what he’s doing best: Being a criminal. I’m a criminal and I’ve done ALL those things. But there’s ONE thing that makes me smile more than anything: The Batman. Ever since The Caped Crusader came into the lives of everybody in Gotham City, he’s put a smile on people’s faces because he fights for them. But he makes me smile more than anyone else. Why you’re thinking? Well it’s easy. My life as a criminal was BORING before he came along. The cops couldn’t keep up with little old me!” He laughed hard enough he almost tipped over in his chair. “You see Mr Knox, a criminal like moi, had no equal to bring him down. No true hero that the people can get behind. Then he showed up. And that makes me smile from ear to ear. More than usual too! You see, since he’s looking over everyone’s shoulder, that causes someone like ME to work harder. The more he presses, the better I get at creating the vision for what Gotham City is all about. No matter how good you are at something, there’s always someone better than you. Batman’s a great crime fighter but I’m the better criminal. There’s people who would do anything to get rid of him. But not me! The simple fact is. You want to know WHY I caused destruction, chaos, anarchy and all that hoo-ha? Well I think you know the answer. Batman is why!” Knox looked into Joker’s face. “So if Batman hadn’t had turned up, would you be the same criminal you are now?” Knox asked. “Honestly, I think I would be! You see someone like me has no rules. Batman just caused me to break some of them a bit earlier. Oh what a fool he was! I killed The Mayor and blew up TWO Police Stations. If Batman wasn’t around, I probably would have blown up just the one!” The Joker laughed so hard he DID tip over in his chair. “Guards.” Called Knox. The guards entered and picked The Joker up. “Are you done Mr Knox?” Asked one of the guards. “I think so. Thank you.” Knox picked up his tape recorder and note pad. As he walked towards the door The Joker said “Let ask YOU a question Mr Knox. Who do you think is going to have the last laugh: Me or Batman? I’ll tell you the answer. Me. Because I’ll always have a smile on my face!” As Knox walked towards into the corridor, he could hear The Joker’s maniacal laugh echoing through the corridor right beside him.

    Chapter Three

    As Knox walked to his car he saw it was nearly night fall. Which meant he knew that the familiar signal would soon be in the sky. The Bat beacon from atop Police Headquarters. Then a gust of wind headed in his direction. He looked and saw Batman standing next to his car. “Were you listening to what he said?” Asked Knox. “Yes. Although he blames me, he’s wrong. He had the choice not to do what he did. Yet he chose to. So in reality himself is the one to blame.” Replied Batman. “I think for someone who said he had no rules, he feels that his one true weakness is that he can’t live without right or wrong. Those aren’t rules. They are part of life. And his is an interesting one. As the people will find out tomorrow.” Replied Knox. “He said he would have the last laugh. And in all honesty, I think he will. I mean no offence Batman but if he can go on with that smile on his face, he’s going to keep on laughing.” “Maybe, but I’m not concerened about that. I did what I do and that’s put people like him behind bars and make Gotham safer. And to make sure you print that story.” Replied Batman as he fired his rappel gun onto the edge of Asylum gates. “I’ll print it. But what is the people take his side?” Replied Knox. “Then I’LL have to work twice as hard.” Replied Batman as he swung away. Knox knew at that point that whilst he still thought The Joker was right, he noticed he was laughing himself. He started the engine and called his Editor. “I’ve got the story. And it’s already got a title. Who Has The Last Laugh.”

    The End

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