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    [FanFic] TMNT: Untitled

    Post by Raph95 on Mon Aug 11, 2008 7:46 am

    Chapter 1: The 6th of the Circle; The Tragic Lost

    It was a pretty warm summer in NewYork City. Only people that were forced to go out were walking in the streets. Old people are probably going on work, while younger teenagers and kids to school.
    "Welcome to the News of Channel 6, my name is Darren Brick, and I will tell you more about the weather forecest in USA", you could hear many TV's, usually listening to Channel 6, hoping that there will be some rain. It hasn't rained for pretty long time in NewYork.
    And nights were even worse. Before this hot summer, everyone have been out, playing, going to discos, riding a bike, taking a romantic walk near the Hudson River, a bit away of the center of the town. But now, most people are in, turning on their Air Conditions... Only 5 creatures were having great fun. You know, when you're living somewhere underground, it's usually pretty cold there. But, try imagining yourself in a skin of one of four turtles, or even a rat. Have I mentioned that they have been mutated with the ooze from the TCRI buiding? OK, let me start it from the very beginning, 18 years ago...

    It wasn't hot as now. The weather was excellent, and most of people haven't experienced how is it to be hot, as it will 18 years later... Trucks and cars were on the road, people crossing the street. A young boy had 4 turtles in his hand. He always wanted to have a turtle as a pet. At the same time, a blind elder was crossing the street. He didn't realize that it was red light for him, telling "Don't walk". A big truck, having "TCRI" written on it, almost killed the blind elder. If the brave boy, standing right in front the boy with 4 turtles didn't realize what happened, and ran to save the elder, he could die. But, the boy holding the turtles fell down when the other boy ran to save an elder. The four turtles were no longer in his hands. He couldn't find them anywhere.. Finally, the canister with a green ooze inside it fell near the boys legs, and the boy recognized turtles. He tried to catch them, but it was too late. They already fell down in the sewers. So did the ooze.

    The canister broke down once reached the pipes of the sewers, and the green ooze came out of it and covered the turtle and the old, sewer rat. Immediately, they started growing, little by little. In few days, they already were double sized. But they haven't only grew in size. Their mind has also grew. They became more intelligent. One day, even the old, wise rat wasn't prepared for the happening. One of the turtles, said, "Splinter". It was the rat's name. At they grew, they almost because the size of a human. Splinter knew that the outside world will never accept them, so he started learning them ninja skills in order to protect. He gave them name from the book he found in the sewers - Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo. But that was 18 years ago... Now...

    "Cowabunga!!", said the human-sized turtle, with orange mask.
    "Michelangelo, silence! Your brothers are trying to focus. You should come to meditate with us, too!", said the voice of the old rat, Splinter. Actually, Michelangelo was playing with his skateboard running in the turtle's lair. The lair was designed... well, pretty nice.

    It was in circle. The ladders in the ceter of the circle were leading directly to the room that was on the floor. It was a small, but very tidy room. A bookshelf on the right only had about 20 books, the middle of the room had the pillow, obviously for meditating. There was kind of small bed next the the shellf, nearby the bed the very very small table (made of wood) with a crystal ball on it. Whatever that ball was, it looks like it is very important to Master Splinter, even if it looks like it was totally smashed, and made again.

    And below, the lair has been "separated" in four part. Each of the brothers took one of the earth sides. North belongs to Leonardo. His part is very similar to Splinters - and the smallest one. The West has been taken by Donatello. It's full of technology stuff, and the second biggest part. There are parts of motors, sketch of his new inventions, and many tools that even I don't know the name. South is Raphel's. His part almost doesn't contain anything unless the motor with the great, fire writing on it "Raphel - Shellcycle" (obviously written my Donatello) and lot of punching bags... And, the last, the East part is Michelangelo's - it's the biggest one! Full of comic books, toys of the Justice Force (he likes calling them "high collectable action figures" - but they're toys, actually), a fling scateboard, and few "normal" skateboards.

    "Well, Master Splinter...", explained Michelangelo, "you see, err... Actually, I'm already concentrating!"
    "Huh?", asked Master Splinter.
    "Well, when driving a skateboard, you need a balance, that's a ninja skill, right?", Mikey said.
    "Argh...", sighed Master Splinter...
    "Michelangelo-kun, shut up!", said Leonardo.
    "Damn, stop with two stupid suffixes, Leo!", shouted Raph.
    "You know, Leo", said Donatello, "Raph is totally right.Master Splinter sent you to Japan a month ago to lear something, and to become a better leader, not to learn Japanese!"
    "You know what, Donny", said Leonardo, "when you spend 3 months with a person that tells you 'Leonardo-kun' or '-san', you get used to it!"
    "Claim down, my sons!", yelled Master Splinter. Everyone stoped talking. They haven't seen Splinter this angry a long time. "Stop arguing, my sons", he kept talking, with a little calmed voice. "Aah... You all know that the anger will start destroying you from inside, you will become the worse man, and will not be able to control yourself. You must learn how to get the anger out of yourselves. I won't even start explaining it with words, when I know that you will never understand. I will draw something. I will be right back". Splinter climbed up to the top of the ladders and brought the paper and a pen.

    Splinter came back with a paper and a pen. Look at this. Splinter drew a circle and cut it into 6 equal parts. In them, he wote "Anger", "Sadness", "Happiness", "Straight", "Life" and "Uniqueness".
    "My sons, this is your body when you were born. You have the same amount of sadness, happiness, straight, angel, life and uniqueness. But it isn't the prefect form", Master Splinter started to explain. Everyone carefully listened to his words.
    "Each of these is called The 6th of the Circle. The perfect balanced body is when happiness, straight, uniqueness and life are equal with both anger and sadness". Master Splinter drew a new circle net to the old one, but he made it in 5 parts, writing almost everything the same, expect that "Anger" and "Sadness" were in one part. "The life will keep going down each minute, little by little, and it becomes harder and harder to keep the balance. The main problem is that, when you have less life than any other 6th of the Circle, the following will happen: anger and sadness will start destroying happiness, but uniqueness will build straight even more. When this happens, the life will start to disappear even more. Remember, when something there is no way to get it back. But, my beloved Master Yoshi left me this book", said Splinter and drew a book that he kept behind him. The title was "Suppressing the Nature - Bringing back The 6th of the Circle".
    "Wha-what's that?", Donatello asked.
    "He made it all, he write this book that explains about The 6ths of the Circle even more. Study it my sons... I am too old... My Life Sixth is almost destroyed..."
    "What? Does that mean...?", Leo said, but he couldn't finish the sentence. Everyone looked with the sad in their eyes.
    "My sons... Don't be sad. You could destroy your own happiness, as I have done when my Master Yoshi died. I almost destroyed. When I found you, 18 years ago, I started bringing the happiness back, but Iit wasn't enough, I suppose"
    "Master...", asked Leonardo. "I know that this is a stupid question, but... When will it exactly happen?"
    "Very soon, my sons... That's why, listen to me carefully, because these might be my last words... Leonardo, my son... Work as the leader harder and try to keep your brother safe. You're much stronger than you think you are, but don't let that destroy you... Donatello, keep inventing and design new things. The future of the world might be in your hands, but don't let that destroy you... Raphel, I know that you are a but anger-sided person, but deep inside, you have the special straight that others doesn't. Pull it out of yourself, let other see it, but don't let that destroy you. Michelangelo, I don't have anything to say for you, except, become better. You're good alredy, very good, maybe even better than Leonardo, but you don't show it off. Keep going, but don't let that destroy you... My sons... Study the book... Keep out of... danger... Keep me... in your hearts... I... I... I love you, my sons..."
    "Master Splinter! No!", Leo yelled!
    "Master...", said Donny sadly.
    "Splinter! You dummy, don't joke with us! Master Splinteeeer!!", Raph shouted.
    "Splinter... Master... Splinter...", Leo said, slowly.
    "Nooo!!! It can't be, wake up, Master!!!", Raph yelled, looking at Master Splinter, with tears in his eyes.
    "He already knew about it...", said Leonardo.
    "What?", asked Donny.
    "He knew that he will die. He didn't want to worry us, so he made the beginning of the day the same as usual. He felt that Life Sixth will soon be destroyed, so he told us about this..."
    "You're right.", said Raph. "And the book he gave us... We need to get Splinter back to life!"
    "But...", said Donny, "...we can't keep him like this here until we learn to use that!"
    "Yes... That's why we need to bring him to his bad...", said Mikey.
    "I'm afraid that the ladders are a little bit clumsy for both of us... We will need to think of some other way", said Leo.
    "Leo, you were his favourite student, maybe we should put him in your part, and you go to Splinter's room?", suggested Raph, crying.
    "No", Leo said. "Mikey, are you careful enough to drive your flying skate and keep Master Splinter in your hands?"
    "I...", said Mikey, "I think I can... Skateboard, come!" AS he said that, the flying skateboard came to him. Mikey took Splinter in his hands and flew to his room putting him in his bad. Leo, Don and Raph already were in the room by ladders. Carefully, they put Master Splinter in the bed.
    "Now", said Raph, "let's read that book!"

    I am really, reall sorry that the Fan-Fic still doesn't have a name. I always write first, and than name something. So, this is pretty crappy that the topic doesn't actually have a normal name, but I will change the topic whenever I write a new chapter and post it here. Please comment and be kind! This is my first a little bigger fanfic.
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    Re: [FanFic] TMNT: Untitled

    Post by Fizzie on Mon Aug 11, 2008 8:38 am

    It's a nice first fic. There are some words missing and some words mixed-up, but I don't think English is your first language, is it? So I can understand that.

    I think the Splinter death happened rather suddenly. I thought it might happen a little later down the line. But hey, death can come at anytime, right?

    Keep going and have fun with it, dude!!

    I'll leave you the feedback on DeviantArt as well.

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    Re: [FanFic] TMNT: Untitled

    Post by Chojin on Mon Aug 11, 2008 12:32 pm

    I found it hard to read, but that is more fault on my part. Do carry on with it, it could be interesting.


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    Re: [FanFic] TMNT: Untitled

    Post by Raph95 on Fri Aug 15, 2008 9:24 am

    Thanks for your nice comments, both of you! Don't worry, the second chapter is coming on Saturday, so will every next. Hope you will like the rest of the story Wink

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    Re: [FanFic] TMNT: Untitled

    Post by Raph95 on Mon Aug 18, 2008 3:34 am

    Chapter 2: Life-like Dream; Michelangelo's Dream Survival. Shuffle World's Diying!

    "Ok, let' begin!", said Leo, and started to read.

    This book is decided to my beloved rat pet, Splinter.

    Introduction words:
    6ths of the Circle are anger, sadness, happiness, straight, life and
    uniqueness. When a person, or an animal is born, it has all of the
    Sixths equal. But, this form is not the perfect. The perfect form of
    the Sixths is when both sadness and anger are equal to other Sixths. It
    is very hard to balance these, it requires the highest level of
    concetration to have the perfect form. To gain the perfect forum, you
    need to experience the real sadness, anger, happiness and straight and
    to discover your uniqueness. You mustn't let that you have more sadness
    or anger than happiness, because it will bring to faster death. Once
    you experience the real sadness, you need to revise your mamories back
    to the happiest day of your life. If the sadness is stronger than the
    happiness, you have already done the half of the job of having the
    perfect forum of the Sixths. But, this is reare to happen. Usually, the
    greatest sadness is death of the person, but the happines you have is
    that person, so it becomes totally equal, you aren't changing your
    Sixths at all.

    "Here comes the part about balancing the Sixths. It's pretty long, it takes the half of the book", said Leonardo.
    gotta skip it. We need to get Master Splinter back to life as soon as
    possible. Proceed to the part where it says about bringing Sixths
    back", said Raph.
    "OK... It's page 210", said Leo looking at the index. "OK, it says: Once
    you have your Sixths balanced well, you're able to, with great power,
    and hard practice, bring one of the Sixths back to other person or even
    to yourself. However, you won't be able to do this all alone, you need
    three more partners to support you." Leo moved back to page about
    This means that we first need to balance our Sixths. All of us"
    "Read it, Leo!", said Donny.
    "Ok... Here I go: Balancing
    The Sixths As already said, you will need to experience your greatest
    sadness, anger, happiness and straight, and to discover your
    uniqueness. We got sadness - dead of Splinter, we got happiness, that
    actually is Splinter. Our uniquenesses are...
    "I am", said
    Donny, "technology expert. That might be it. Raphael is anger and
    stubborn, while Mikey is crazy and love comics. Leo, you're the leader
    and the teacher's pet"
    "Hm... No, I don't think that this is it",
    said Mikey. "I think that means about The Sixths. Maybe each of us has
    something special in The Circle"
    "Mikey's right", said Raph, "you mentioned about characteristics. That is not uniqueness"
    we gotta work on uniqueness. Before that, we need to experience anger
    and straight. Anger..,We already got it, when Karai destroyed our home.
    At least, I was anger at her"
    "And", said Don, "our straight is.. This is hard"
    that troubles me. How can we experience the straight? I mean, if you're
    good at fighting, that means we can beat most of battles, and that
    means", said Raph, "that we're full of straight"
    "I think that he didn't mean about that kind of straight", said Mikey.
    "Mikey's right", said Leo. "The straight mentioned here is straight for keeping doing something, it's a moral straight"
    "Argh, this is just too complicated!", said Raph.
    "But, Raph", said Donny, putting his had on Raph's shoulder, "we have to do it to get Splinter back to life".
    know", Raph replied. "But... This is just pain in the neck, why don't
    we go and kill Shredder!? He done this to Master Splinter!"
    "Raph", said Mikey, "we already killed Shredder".
    "No", said Raph. "We killed Oroku Saki. Shredder is more like a titule. Now Karai got it"
    "You're right about that, but we nee to get Spinter back to life!", said Leo.
    "First, we need to experience our straight", said Mikey.
    "Yeah", said Leo", and we need to do it quickly!"
    course", said Donny. "We already got it. Our straight is that we need
    to get Splinter back to life, that is what gives us straight for
    keeping living!"
    "You're right", said Leo. "Now, we only need uniqueness..."
    Don suggested, "is there a chapter where it says how can we see or feel
    our Circle? Otherwise, we don't know are we on good way!"
    "Ok, lemme
    find it...", said Leo, going to index. "Ok, here it is. So, To fell
    your Circle and be able to create the image in your hear, you need to
    connect your body and mind, they need to become one. This is best done
    is sleeping meditation. Sleeping mediation is some kind of having the
    realistic dreams. Simple, try to fall asleep with one one thing in your
    head. Try co concentrate everything to the center part of your body,
    and than try to easily to move it to your head. If you still don't fall
    asleep, repeat it otherwise, move it down. Do this until you fall
    asleep. It might be too hard to fall asleep for the first time, but as
    you keep doing it, it will become much easier. The price you pay for
    seeing is that your dream will become realistic. Every wound,
    everything you get while you're there, will be transferred to you own
    body, once you wake up. Of course, you will be able to control you
    dream. Remember, you can't be killed in your dream, you wil wake up
    right before the attack that could kill you. But all other wounds, even
    cutting part of the body off, will be transferred. Once you wake up,
    your mind will show you the picture of your Circle. Every Sixth will be
    visible. Remember, during sleeping and dreaming, your Sixths stay the
    same, meaning feelings in dream will not be transferred into your body."
    "Ok, so we need to sleep!", said Mikey.
    bet it's harder than it it's said. You need to concentrate every single
    you into one part of your body, it's easily to do for few seconds, but
    it becomes pain later", said Leo. "I done something similar when I was
    in Japan. But it was a real pain".
    "Ok, then let's try it!", said
    Raph and lied on the ground, do did all his brothers. They were tired,
    and they fell asleep before they coul totally concentrate, but,
    however, they all did at least a bit. They started dreaming.

    "Who is this guy?", said some voice.
    "Dunno, Rob. Looks like he's some kind of mutant", said onether, women voice.
    "Balh, leave him here. He was probably transported here from the future... Or maybe the past?", replied Rob.
    "He might be something... Important for saving out world!"
    "Brenda, no. He can't", said Rob. "Our world already is destroy. Its only a matter of time when we all are going to die!"
    "No!", said Brenda. "I know that we still can save it!"
    dude...", murmled Michelangelo. He didn't know where he was. He still
    didn't open his eyes, but he knew that he was lying on the ground.
    "Dude, My head..."
    "You see, he's alive!", said Brenda. Mikey opened
    his eyes. People that were talking were both wearing some kind of
    special suit, it was all black and going right on the body. It almost
    was a part of their body. They both had dark sunglasses, so that you
    can't see their eyes.
    "Where.. Where am I?", asked Mikey, standing up.
    in Shuffle World", said Rob. "But it will very soon be destroyed, there
    is only few days left until the evil destroys it"
    "The evel that has been here since Shuffle World has been created", added Brenda. "And who are you?"
    "My name is Michelangelo, and I...", but Mikey couldn't finish the sentence.
    "Michelangelo?", repeated Rob.
    "Eh.. Yeah", said Mikey, confused.
    "It's him!", shouted Brenda.
    "I'm who?", Mikey was still very confused.
    "He doesn't know anything!", said Rob.
    course... The prophecy really said so!", yelled Brenda, happy. "Listen
    to me carefully. There is the Magic Shuffle book, made of cards. There
    are all prophecies that has been written by our God"
    "The book has now been destroyed.", said Rob. "but both of us remember this one:"
    Rob and Brenda were speaking very slowly like they are afraid of that
    Mikey won't understand. Together, they said the propercy:
    "When the war starts, when there is nothing you can do,
    When you you're hopeless, a clueless guy will appear, saying "Dude!"
    He knows very litle about this world, to be honest, nothing
    Michelangelo, the brave mutant turtle is actually dreaming
    that's a nice song", said Mikey, "but I don't know anything... I was
    sleeping, and I found myself here... I know I was sleeping on purpose,
    I have to survive this dream to be able to see my Circle, and than I
    could balance it, and save Master Splinter!"
    "D... Did you just
    say...", said Rob, " 'Splinter' ?" Brenda and Rob looked at each other.
    "And did you say that he's your...", said Brenda, "master?"
    Yeah, but he did about an hour ago, but he told me and my brothers that
    we can get him back to life if we learn about The Sixths of the
    Circle!", explained Mikey.
    "Your brothers? There are more of you?", asked Rob. "More of you serve to Splinter?"
    "And...", Mikey asked, now connecting that he said and Rob and renda said, "how do you know about Splinter?"
    "Everyone knows him! He's the one that is destroying Shuffle World! look around! There is his sign everywhere!", said Brenda.

    totally forgot about to look around himself. Everything was destroyed,
    but Mikey could still see some crashed buildings. It looks like they
    were very big. Mikey slowly turned around. He could see it. He
    recognized streets. "But than...", Mikey told to himself. "If this is
    here, and this on my self side... No, that can't be". Mikey had feeling
    that there is still one building not crushed. But by what he say inform
    of him, left and right, he knew that behind him can only be 'that'.
    Slowly, very slowly, with closed eyes, Mikey tuned around. He hoped
    that he will not see. He wanted to make himself that this is a dream,
    but it really was a dream, so that couldn't work. He knew that in front
    of him now should be that building. He kept closing his eyes, and than
    told himself: "Now!", and opened eyes suddenly. He saw it. It still was
    there. The only building that wasn't destroyed was the building with
    sign of Foot Clan on it!

    In next chapter:
    Chapter 3: First and Second Floor; Maze; Lie-Truth Frogs, Ancient Puzzle!
    What will happen when Mikey, Rob and Brenda enter the tower? What is waiting for them there? The Ancient Puzzle is there...

    Author's Notes:
    OK, thanks for reading this! I hope you like Mikey's dream. Well, what to say, expect, enjoy in next chapter coming on Saturday!

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    Chapter 3

    Post by Raph95 on Sun Aug 24, 2008 9:02 pm

    Chapter 3: First and Second Floor; Maze; Lie-Truth Frogs, Ancient Puzzle!

    "What is wrong? Why are you looking at it?", said Brenda.
    wanted to go there, he is going to keep serving Splinter!", shouted
    Rob, and wanted to go and punch Mikey, but Brenda stopped him.
    of all", explained Mikey, "I'm here only if a dream, but the problem is
    that any damage that I get will de transfered into the real body. But
    if I really do something in the dream, like, to pass it, I will wake
    up, again with wounds that I got, but I will be able to see my Circle.
    And I will know how to balance it! I have to defeat that evel. That
    Shredder", he pointed at the building.
    "Shredder"?, asked Brenda. "Here we call him Splinter"
    repeated Mikey, horrored. He knew that they already mentioned his name
    a lot of times, but he was just too focused on other things to get what
    they were saying. "Master Splinter is evil?"
    "Of course he is!", said Rob. "Everyone knows that!"
    "He doesn't know anything, Rob", said Brenda. "We have to tell him about it!"
    "Ok...", replied Rob. "looks like you have to tell it. Im not telling that story. Not again"
    "All right", said Brenda, rolling her eyes. "Once upon a time..."
    "Brenda, you're not telling a fairy-tale story!!", shouted Rob.
    OK! Long ago, about 120 years ago, Splinter arrived here. He said that
    he missed the portal. He wanted to get to Battle Nexus, to fight and
    win one more trophy, but something went wrong. Everyone loved him,
    until Shredder came. Looks like he gave his spirit to Spliner. We know
    that the real Splinter isn't there", Brenda pointed at the tower, "but
    still, his soul is trapped into his body, with Shredder's. It's been
    120 years. His souls must already been connected. He haven't changed at
    all, and that means that Splinter because evel, too!"
    "I didn't understand it very well", said Mikey.
    it's simple. As time passed with two souls in one body will connect and
    become one, both transferred their characteristics to a new soul. The
    soul created by combination two souls are called Kishiku. As Splinter
    is only evil, and had never done good things since Shredder's soul
    entered his body, it means that Splinter's soul became evil, too",
    explained Rob.
    "Oh...", Mikey finally understood. "But.. It can't
    be. Maybe Splinter's soul wasn't connected? I mean, my Master is a very
    good rat, he would never do something like that!"
    "It must be", said Brenda. "there is no way that two souls in the same body doesn't connect after few minutes!"
    lying to him?", said Rob. "There is way, but it's very very hard to do.
    Almost impossible. It's the same as you're doing now. Dreaming. You're
    in your dream, and your task is to save your Master"
    "I suppose we
    have to tell you the truth", said Brenda. Mikey was now even more
    confused. "We're only part of your dream. And you extremly well know
    that dreams are strange, and you usually don't understand thigs. Like,
    why is this happening, why is the smoke going down, or what are there
    cars doings in my room... But,t his dream is special"
    "It' called a life-like dream", said Rob. "You already know about it. Every damage will be received when you get woken up"
    don't think about anything, except this. Your Master Splinter's soul
    might still be in his own body, separated form Shredder's sould, but
    Shredder took the control over Splinter's body. While you're dreaming
    when there is another soul in you, that soul acn't connect with you",
    explained Brenda.
    "But how do you dudes know about this stuff?", asked Mikey.
    "We told you!", shouted Rob. "You're dreaming, we are here to help you!"
    I got it. So, I'm a prisoner of my own dream", said Mikey more for
    himself, "and I have two idiots around me talking nonsense... I know.
    It must be that I'm dreaming!"
    "You are dreaming, Michenangelo!", said Brenda. "We know it! You know it! You can't escape from reality!"
    "But, this is not reality", said Mikey. "This is a damned, stupid dream!"
    "It'a life-like dream", repated Rob.
    if you want to get back to the real reality, to get awaken, you need to
    save Shuffle-World, and save your Master Splinter from Shredder's soul.
    Than, if your brothers haven't finished their dreams, you could go to
    their dreams and help them. Or they can come here to help you pass your
    dream!", explined Brenda.
    "Ok, so, what do we need to do?", asked
    Mikey. Looks like he finally understood it all, and he was ready to
    crush Shredder. He didn't get it all, it was strange, everything was
    like it's not reality. He tried to get it all in his mind. "So", he
    said to himself. "This is a reality, but not full reality. I'm in a
    life-like dream, and every damage I get here will be tranfered to my
    body when I get up. I felt asleep on purpose, with my brothers, and
    they are probably having something like my dream here. To be able to
    see my Circle, and that's why I'm dreaming, I first need to pass this
    dream. Rob and Brenda are here to help me in it. My mission is to save
    Shuffle World, and to destoy Shredder's soul in Master Splinter. Once I
    do taht, the Splinter's soul will wake up and he will be able to contol
    his real body. If I fail... Oh my Gosh! What will happen if I fail? Ok,
    I will probably be stucked here for my whole life. Great, I will die in
    a dream! No, wait, concetrate. You know how to concetrate.. There was
    something that I heard about dieing in the book that Leo read back in
    the lair and the real reality... Yes, I remember now! I can't die here.
    The final hit that could kill me will wake me up and I will be back.
    But all the wounds that I could get through the battle will be here.
    So, if I somehow fail I will simply force out of Master Splinter the
    attack that can kill me, and not only hurt me. That would be it. But I
    can't risk, what if that doesn't work! I have to try my best to get
    Shredder outta there!"
    "Ok, so", said Mikey, this time with decision on his face, "what's the plan?"
    Shredder tower that you know doesn't exit anymore. For these 120 years,
    Splinter changed it. He added tons of traps, and destroyed some of old.
    We already spied on him. The problem is that we only could spy until
    the 9th floor. Your Master Splinter is on the tenth floor. But the
    thing is you must imagine Shredder's soul as hundreds of floors, every
    with double amount of the Foots than on the previous floor", explained
    "Huh? What about the hundred floors and with double foots?", asked Mikey, totally confused.
    nothing", said Rob. If even you, reader, didn't understand what Brenda
    said, don't mind. she just used a stupid hyperbole. "We spied up untill
    floor 9. We know all the traps, but we aren't able to handle them. We
    need three people. And the third person is you, Michelangelo. You will
    help us. Brenda is brainiac and will turn the mail alarm off that
    alerts Splinter that somebody is entering his tower. He won't send any
    Foot Ninjas on us, because he thinks that nobody could ever pass the
    nine floors under him"
    "But we can pass all the traps up until
    seventh floor", explained Brenda pointing at the tower. "The thing is
    that we needed one more erson to help us for eight and ninth floor"
    "So,", asked Mikey, "when do we need to go?"
    "Now. The shuffle World is dieing sooner than we tough", said Rob. "By what we think now, it will bein few hours"
    few hours? But it's impossible to pass all those floors! We should need
    hours for planing entering! There gotta be Foots all around the
    tower!", said Mikey. He really was horrored. He had to pass that dream,
    but to him, it looked like it's impossible. Rob and Brenda were calmed
    down all the time, and it dived Mikey crazy.
    "Don't worry", said Rob. "We already planned the whole thing. It's simple"
    "Foots are no more around the building. 120 years ago, they were. No now", said Brenda.
    do you dudes know about what happened 120 years ago?", asked Mikey. He
    actually never tough of it. All the time, they were talking about what
    happened 120 years, but they never mentioned the source of their
    "Does it really matter now?", said Brenda. When Mikey
    tough more about it, he realized that Brenda was right. Although it was
    a life-like dream, it still was a dream and nobody needs to explain all
    of it.
    "Ok so tell me the plan, and explain me about the traps", said Mikey.
    just come with us and watch our steps. Do the same as we do, make your
    steps on the place where we do. The first three floors are full of
    small traps. They are easy to see, but they are deadly. One wrong move,
    and you will die", explained Rob, as they were slowly going to the
    "Die? But I can't die. Once it comes to the final shot that could kill me, I will wake up!", said Mikey.
    you wake up like that, you won't be able to see your Circle. And you
    already got some wounds, it will be a pain when you wake up", explained
    Mikey question was obvious, "But nobody hurt me! How could I get wounds?"
    the air", explained Brenda, poining at the sky. "Splinter poisoned the
    air. You see, Shuffle World always had some clouds on the sky. It never
    happened to be all day sunny. I can't explain you how the sun was,
    because it died few years ago, but it was beautiful when it's behind
    the clouds. Everyone in our World started getting power, the ultimate
    straight, that nobody could get in other Worlds"
    Mikey never tough
    that it actually was day. He was thinking all the time that it's around
    the midnight, as it was pretty dark. He looked at the sky, and he saw
    only a small cloud above Shredder's tower.
    "It's disappearing fast",
    said Mikey. And it did. Mikey could see it slowly, disappearing. "So,
    what will happen after when it's gone?"
    "We will all die", said Brenda.
    "For you, it's not seeing your circle", said Rob.
    so let's move! Let's enter that tower, and beat damned Shredder from my
    Master's body!", yelled Mikey, and started running to the tower, with
    Brenda and Rob behind him. While they were running, Mikey was all the
    time looking left and right. He didn't know why, but all the time he
    had feeling like somebody is looking at him. He tried to look inside
    the building - all the time he tough that someone is there, watching at
    him. He wanted to stop to see who is there, but when he looked at
    building and when he remembered why he is there, he started running
    even faster. There were a lot of scenes from his life going through his
    head. He saw Shredder fighting him, his brothers, his Master dieing,
    than a lot of scene from his childhood. All the time he wanted to go
    back, not to go into those dangerous paces full of traps, but every tme
    he saw tower, he only started going faster. He wanted to save his
    master that much he almost forgot everything. He even realize that he
    was in front of the great doors of the tower.

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    Re: [FanFic] TMNT: Untitled

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    He saw that everything that Brenda and Rob said
    to him earlier was true. There were no Foots around the building,
    expect the statue of the Foot Ninja. Brenda opened the door, and pulled
    the katana out, so Rob did. Mikey didn't see where did they have their
    katanas hidden, but than he remembered that he was in a dream, after
    all. Mikey saw the enterier of the tower again, after few years. It was
    completely different. There was nobody. The whole floor was empty. The
    walls were made of wood, so did the floor. Mikey didn't know where does
    the light come from, but he didn't care. At the end of the room, he saw
    spiral stairs, obviusly leading to the next floor. He4 started running,
    but Brenda got him.
    "Don't be so hasty, Michelangelo. Didn't we tell
    you that there aer traps everywhere?", she said, pointing at the left
    wall. Mikey didn't see anything special, but once Rob threw his sword
    in it, the wall collapsed, showing the uncountable numbers of
    shurikens, each in some machine, that could shot them, Mikey realized
    that traps were hidden very good. Than, Brenda got he shurikens out of
    her pocket (Mikey never saw that pocket, looks like she had some
    ninja-clothes, but ho cares, anyway) and threw one of them at the wall.
    there was clung sound, the sound of two shurikens, and all the
    shurikens on the left wall were hit on the opposite wall. Mikey even
    didn't see while they were in the air, meaning that the speed was that
    fast it could kil you immediately. He saw that Brenda and Rob were
    totally right about that first few floors got deadly, but easy-to-see
    traps. The thing that bothered Mikey all the time was if these are
    easy-to-see, what will be in next floors? But Mikey didn't want to ask
    that nor Rob nor Brenda. After all, they ae the ones that know all the
    "Com'on", said Rob, catched Mikey for arm, and started runing
    through the room. Than, suddenly, he jumped, carrying Mikey with him.
    In the first moment Mikey didn't see why, but when he looked better, he
    saw that one part of the floor has been cut out. It only has some kind
    of colored glass, that would brake if you step in it. Brenda, Rob and
    Mikey were now climbing up the stairs. They were made of wood, up
    untill the place where you could see the second floor. Then, they
    become stone. The group could see the maze in front of them.
    "And they call this a trap?", said Mikey, laughing. "We can just jump over it!"
    hoped that it will be like that, too", said Rob. "But the crappy thing
    is that there are a lot traps inside the maze. Plus, the paze can't be
    broken, nor you can jump over it... Unless you want to be the
    "How d'ya mean?", asked Mikey. He didn't get it. The maze was sized as him, he could easily jump and find the exit.
    are lasers. If you go above the maze, you will immeditaly die",
    explained Brenda, pointing at the top of the maze, although Mikey
    didn't see anything special. "We wil have to go inside the maze and
    find the was out".
    Mikey, Rob and Brenda entered, and they saw
    nothing special. The walls were made of some strange metal that Mikey
    never saw before. He wanted to touch it, but he didn't. He tough that
    is might be a trap or something. He didn't want to spare time for
    nothing. He had to save his Master now. Brenda and Rob lead Mikey
    left-right through the maze. They didn't look like they're lsot, the
    actually had face like they know the road, and they are just looking
    left and right to see if something happens. Mikey saw the exit of the
    maze. So did Brenda and Rob. The thing is they all looked at a
    different one. All of them were on one wall, in each you saw the same
    "So, Splinter is trying to confuse our minds", said Rob.
    we know how to pass this" said Brenda. "We only need to concentrate as
    much as we can to see what is the rel one. Each of them is special by
    something, I suppose. Let' see". Brenda started looking at all of the
    exits. After few seconds she said: "There! The middle one has different
    stairs". First, Mikey didn't noice that, although he was looking at
    stairs all the time. The ones in the middle were a bit bigger, but it
    was very hard to see.
    "This means", said Rob, "that the middle one
    isn't. The left and right doors show the read stairs". Brenda got one
    of her shurikens out, and threw it into the middle doors. Mikey
    expected that it will pass through them, put now Mikey saw that it all
    was only a picture on the wood! It's been draws really well, so that
    Mikey couldn't even see it. But, after few secons, something even more
    unpredictable happened. The wall exploded, showing two of the Foot
    ninjas getting out. "They haven't changed at all", said Mikey more to
    "Oh, yes, they have", said Brenda. "And you will see why",
    once she told it, she threw a shuriken at one of them. And... Shuriken
    disappeared. At least Mikey saw it. Foot ninja has moved his arm so
    fast, that Mikey even didn't see anything. Shuriken already was in
    Foot's hand.
    "That", said Mikey, shaking, "is not possible!"
    just saw it", said Brenda. "But there is a weak point", she said and
    threw Shuriken. Foot ninja again caught it at the incredible speed.
    Brenda kept doing this, and Mikey started to see his arm. Brenda threw
    about 10 shurikens. The last shurken got the target. Foot Ninja
    "Wait!", said Mikey quickle. "Where's the other one?" He
    almost finished the sentence, when Rob jumped on Mikey, shouting
    "Dooown!" Mikey lied down, and he wasn't able to see anything, but he
    heard noises. It sounded like a sword fight. Than, the explosion again.
    go!", said Breda. She easily defeated that speed. Mikey couldn't
    believe how has she done that, but he didn't want to ask anything. He
    always repeated himself that he's in a dream and there are no
    explanations for some things. Plus, he didn't have time. To be able to
    see his circle, he had to defeat Shredder's soul inside of Splinter's
    body. He even didn't know how to do, it but he hoped that Brenda and
    Rob, the amazing ninjas could help him.

    Now, there were two
    doors left in front of Mikey. Brenda, Mikey and Rob were looking at the
    doors, and they couldn't find any difference. They were totally the
    "And if we touch them, than we will see if there really is the room, or that all is just a picture", suggested Mikey.
    Michelangelo", said Rob. "Didn't you see what happened with the door
    when Brenda's shuriken touched it? It exploded. The same will happen to
    "But I will only touch it, I won't enter the door!", said
    Mikey. This time he really tought that he could do it, but there were
    couple of suprises that were waiting for him.
    "Do you really think
    that my shuriken stabbed into it because I threw it so hard? It was
    because the door sucked it!", explained Brenda.
    "Well than throw the
    shuriken in both of the doors!", said Mikey, like it was obvius all the
    time. "I mean, where it goes, those are the right doors, where it
    explodes... Well, we will not enter them!" Mikey suggestion was pretty
    obvious. Brenda done that, rolling eyes and murmuring "He really is
    clueless..." The shurikens passed trough the both doors.
    "You see?
    We don't know what is the real way!", said Brenda. And than, behind
    them, they heard noises of a frog. When they turned around, they
    realised that there actually were two frogs. Mikey was horrored.
    spoke one the frogs, and all Brenda, Rob and Mikey stepped back. They
    didn't know was this a trap, or anything. The frog had the old voice.
    worry", said other frog, obviously a female one, telling by the voice.
    She sounded pretty younger. Rob pulled katana out, and said: "Who are
    "Don't worry", the young female frog repeated. "We are here to help you. Somebody sent us to help you here!"
    "Ok", said Mikey. Looks like the first shocked passed and he was able to talk with them. "How can you help us?"
    "You can ask us one question", said the old frog. "But, remember, I always lie, and my daughter always sais the truth".
    no that question, not again!", screamed Mikey. "Master Splinter always
    repeated that to me, but I can't remember it! I'm idiot!"
    "What will
    we do now?", asked Rob, more to himself, but everyone asked that.
    Nobody knew this old ancient trick, and the time was running. They had
    to pass more floors, and they are straped on the second! There is long
    way to go to save Master Splinter and like this, Mikey will be able to
    see his circle, and before that even to help his borhters. Why that
    stupid frog doesn't simply tell them what's the right way? And than,
    unexpected, some lights appears next to Mikey.

    Stay with us in next chapter: Chapter 4: Drinks, Bookshelf and Orange Wall; Behind~!
    The chapter was too long, and I really had to separate it in two parts... Sorry Rolling Eyes

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