Bridge To Terabithia


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    Bridge To Terabithia

    Post by Raph95 on Mon Aug 18, 2008 3:41 am

    Bridge to Terabithia


    Jesse "Jess" Aarons comes from a poor farmer family with four annoying
    sisters, he finds no haven at school where he's teased by everyone. The
    only thing Jess has is running; after training all summer for the big
    race on the school athletic day, he and every other boy racing are beat
    by new girl Leslie Burke. Like Jess, Leslie is teased by her fellow
    students, but unlike Jess she doesn't let it bother her. After a rocky
    start, they find common ground and together create the imaginary world
    of Terabithia as a haven from their struggles at school and at home.
    Leslie teaches Jess to open his mind to every possibility and leave
    reality behind. But, after a tragedy occurs, Jess must trust in what
    Leslie has taught him to help over come the horrors that reality can

    is just the most beautiful move ever. And, please, don't say: "Hack
    with movies about magic, wasn't Harry Potter and Narnia enough to
    everyone?" This movie is much different.

    Also, for people that watched it, please, don't tell other members about the end, OK Rolling Eyes
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