The Late Greats

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    The Late Greats

    Post by Fizzie on Thu Sep 11, 2008 3:23 am

    I recently mentioned them over in the Bands topic in the Eastbourne bit.


    Kitai wrote:I wanna plug The Late Greats.

    Here's a link to their MySpace:

    ~ The Late Greats: My Space ~

    And their debut album "Life Without Balloons" is out on iTunes on 15th September (though EastMag says it's on the 5th), and in shops on 29th September.

    I wish the guys good luck (as always) and congratulations in their success so far!!

    Thought they should have their own topic here in Music.

    They were featured in EastMag this month too (here's a scan, but you'll need to pick-up a copy of the magazine for the text):

    They've got a gig on in Eastbourne on my bithday, so I'm thinking of going. Not 100% sure yet though as I dunno if I'll still have people over. ^_^;


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