Dry Rise

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    Dry Rise

    Post by Fizzie on Thu Sep 11, 2008 3:27 am

    Well, I've mentioned them before over in the Bands topic of the Brighton bit, but I figure they deserve their own topic here.

    So, to quote my first mention of them:

    Kitai wrote:

    I wanna link to Dry Rise coz they absolutely rock!!

    Here's a link to their My Space page:

    ~ Dry Rise : My Space ~

    And the video (though low-res) to The Big I Am, which was shown on Kerrang:

    ~ Dry Rise : The Big I Am ~


    The Big I Am is still my favourite. ^^

    They (kinda) recently uploaded their own cover of the Terminator theme and it totally rocks!! I strongly advise you all to go to their My Space page and check it out (it's also up for free download).

    These guys are one my favourite bands, and I'm hoping to go to their next gig (which is in Brighton). ^_^


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