[FanFic] Star Wars: The Strength Within

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    [FanFic] Star Wars: The Strength Within

    Post by Nightwolf on Sun Oct 05, 2008 2:33 am

    Chapter one

    Itís a sunny start to the day on the planet. Over one trillion people live on this planet. In the distance I can see the spire of the Jedi Temple. Still being rebuilt after my people and the Sith attacked it 2 months ago. I remember that day very well. Itís why Iím in this cell awaiting my trial later. I know what the outcome will be. A very long prison sentence or maybe death. Iím thinking itíll be the second one. The Republic doesnít look too kindly on Mandalorianís like me killing Jedi Knights. Not to mention a member of the Jedi Council. I feel like I have both failed my people and made my people proud. The Sith and my people have always had an alliance. Ever since Exar Kun and Ulic-Qel Droma forged a bond with us 1,500 years ago, we have sworn to fight along side them. And I, Devan Valtas was proud to fight with them. But at the same time, I know I have failed. The Sith have been defeated and The Mandalorian Fleet has gone back into hiding somewhere near Raxus Prime the junkyard planet. I wish I was with them. I know deep down the Sith are still out there. Iíve always said as long thereís a name, it will live on. The Sith are more than just a name. They are name that everyone fears. They are the most powerful beings Iíve ever met in my life. I even called one a friend. Darth Sakron. A Bith who had the makings of a future Dark Lord Of The Sith. But his fate is unknown to me. Even though all Bithís all look alike, I would recognise him if I saw him again. That scar on his left cheek is a giveaway. ďYouíve got one hour until your trial Valtas. Eat up while you can!Ē The tall human guard called Nisin looks happier than usual. I think itís because in one hour, Iíll be out of his hair. The other guards have the same dislike for me. They are all friends and from what Iíve been told, one of them had a younger brother who was one of the Younglings in the Jedi Temple. I never saw the Younglings .I know the Sith took care of them. I suppose since Nisin has no Sith to blame. Heíll blame someone else who was there. Me. As I reach for the food I look at my hand. My glove with my spike with metal cable attached is missing. I admit thereís one thing I miss more than my people. Itís my armour. That armour is who I am. We Mandalorianís have our own identity. And the armour is it. The day I got it was the day I became a Madalorian Warrior. That was 4 years ago. But now, on the eve of my trial, I know this could be my last meal. But I wonít be put off by that. I still have that pride within me that my people have survived the war and will re-group. We have honour, pride and will always will. Not even our defeat will take that away. Defeat. I know itís something that Iíve suffered. Hard to think 4 months ago, that word wasnít in my head.

    To be continued soon!
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    Re: [FanFic] Star Wars: The Strength Within

    Post by Chojin on Wed Oct 08, 2008 7:17 am

    Soooo cool. I wanna read more of it.


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