[Album] The Late Greats ~ Life Without Balloons

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    [Album] The Late Greats ~ Life Without Balloons

    Post by Fizzie on Tue Nov 11, 2008 8:42 am


    Futures Gold
    The City Swallowed You Whole
    He's Not It
    Destroy My Brain
    Quick Fix
    Let it Happen

    Watch out for this band, people!!

    Some of you have seen me mention them before (and I actually made them a topic here). A band from my own lovely Eastbourne!! =D

    I'm loving this album! It's full of freshness. Hehe!! They've definatly got their own "style", and it's nice to hear something new.

    I think my favourite songs on the album, at the moment, are "He's Not It", "Futures Gold", and "Destroy My Brain".

    Their album's in all good music stores now and also avalible on iTunes, and one such sites as Play.com. Though, it's currently sold out on Play. But you can still order it and you'll recieve it as soon as they get more delivered (which never usually takes very long).


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