Siset, Run Afar

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    Siset, Run Afar

    Post by Kifu on Mon Feb 02, 2009 11:47 am

    Siset couldnít any longer stand her so called family. They were too small, she too big. She couldnít shelter with them or even communicate. Ants were terrible horses.

    After settling down in a misty valley for a couple season, Siset had to find herself a band: a male thatíd take her in. Being alone shall drive her to insanity.

    What have I done for my dam to abandon me so? she wailed to herself. She lowered her dark head to the water strewn grass. The ants she had called as her own stayed inside their nest, for today was more humid than most. Dark gray clouds covered the sunís friendly rays and rain threatened the animals below. The only thunder present came from a waterfall beside the lone horse.

    With a cloudy snort from her nostrils, Si began to move her hooves. Every time she lifted one from the ground, a spot of crunched greenery was left behind. Si enjoyed the potential pain she caused the plants; it felt as if she were getting revenge.

    As a foal Siset had been alone. She never knew her dam or sire. No other horses had stayed around long enough to quench Siís burning desire to be apart of something larger and more important than herself. They claimed she was too young and would become a liability to them. Sisetís heart instantly sank. She had heard those words too oftenÖ.

    Soon Siís walk had turned to a faster gait; the earlier she could leave behind this beautiful, yet menacing prison, the better. Si had never had a childhood here.

    In a gallop, Sisetís limbs carried her far. Thick, green lush became rocky as the mountains grew larger, more dangerous. Windy paths sometimes merged with streams. As Si soared over them, beads of moisture was kicked up behind her in a mist, leaving a rainbow. It was a mysterious sight, following a near black filly, surrounded by waning and patchy clouds.

    Si ran from morning to dusk, slowing only for obstacles in her path. As the sun was saying farewell to the sky, and kissed the mountainous land, Siset glowed a crimson red. It was almost like a bloody cell of sweat running down a mountainís brow.

    As the inky black of night spread over the sky blanket, Si finally slowed. Her chest heaved and breath came thick from her exertion. She had left her bindings, but no longer had a place to call home.

    A tear blinked down from her orb. She felt so more alone than she ever had before. What would her Pish Band of ants think? How much would they miss the protection of such a majestic and find leadmare called Siset? A new question formed into her now alien mind: What was she now to do?

    With the rising of the new sun, Siset rose grudgingly to her feet. She glanced backwards to where she had come and forwards to her final destination. With a painful sigh she guided her sore hooves in the direction of no promise: to a land sheíd never seen before.

    Her pace began slowly, but quickly gained momentum. She found when she stretched out her legs, she did so to her consciences, too. Her body and soul were all powerful; better than any ant thatíd ever life, or ever lived. She was the almighty mustang, king of all horse breeds.

    By the end of the second day of her journey, she had reached the end of the mountains, and came up on greener and more kind land. Steep mountain sides still hung over the land, giving it a dark and formidable feel. Before Si descended in the space, she slept.

    On the morning of the third day, Siset waited for the sun to rise. The orange ball of fire and power shone over the earthís land, but couldnít reach the land of darkness very well. Organisms of boldness and power most likely live there, she thought to herself. With that single thought in mind, Siset began the trip into the abyss.

    All licks of sun soon disappeared, leaving Siset in complete darkness. She couldnít very well see, but her senses told her she was between two mountain walls, forming some sort of open-roofed cave. Although greens and other plants draped over the top, making it seem as if a ceiling was present.

    With a slow pace, Siset walked through the mountain to find herself in a bowl of rocks. Tall, jutting rocks surrounded a glade, with a nice sized pond to Sisetís right. Standing on the edge of the water, was a stallion.

    The stallion was a mustang, too. He was a piebald, with white covering his legs, face and chest. Black was intermixed into the rest of the body, but completely covering his spine. He held a fresh scar across his side, and he seemed to be seething with anger.

    Siset wasnít completely sure of what to do. This moment seemed to her like the edge of death and life. If she disturbed this male, what would he do to her? With a deep intake of air, Si decided to find out.

    With weary steps, Siset walked across the firm land of grass. She felt as if the trees were laughing at her and the rock walls were threatening to cave in on her. She lowered her head until it was level with her back. "Hello?" she asked softly.

    The stallion's head whipped around to meet Sisetís pathetic form. He maneuvered his body so he his body was in-line with Sisetís. "What are you doing here?" he growled.

    Siset recoiled at his sour tone. "IÖ" she began, but found her voice too weak to express her thoughts.

    "Speak!" he growled.

    Gathering up her courage, Siset finally spit out what she wanted to say: "I traveled from a far distance to find a stallion that would take me in as their own, and let me join their band. That is the reason why I stand before your hooves and walk over your land."

    The stallionís face suddenly became blank, and no longer held the anger it had before. Siset wasnít too sure, but she thought that he was deciding whether or not to have her join his one-horse band. Patiently she waited, until the sun was directly before their heads. Siset didnít move one inch in the time lapse; the stallion did.

    Finally his voice met Sisetís ears again. "Once you give me your name, you may join me in my band."

    "Iím called Siset," she said, dipping her head respectfully. She waited for his name, but he turned around and said nothing. Not sure what to do, Siset walked around the glade and familiarized herself with the terrain. The grass smelled sweat, and tasted well nourished. The water was clean, and was as cold as if it were from the heavens above.

    After her exploration, she turned to look back at the stallion. He was studying her with a look in his eyes that Siset couldnít explain. He seemed to realize she was looking back at him, so he lifted his head high and snorted. With his right hoof he beat the ground twice. The display showed how strong his muscles were, and how unafraid he was. Siset shivered and looked away submissively.


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