Sister To The king

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    Sister To The king

    Post by princessofslytherin on Tue Feb 17, 2009 2:10 pm

    I was mad. No, I was more than mad I was furious. My brother my darling brother his grace the king has matched me with the king of France now betrothal is a long way away from marriage but this one I know will prevail. My ladies looked at me as if I were lucky to get out of England at a time like this but maybe just maybe I could convince my brother to not divorce Queen Catharine and then he will keep me in England and make me a duchess or something I do not want to be a Queen never in my entire life would I want that. I wish Arthur were king he would not have betrayed me like this. This, I cannot say this out loud in fear that my brother will hear. I sat in my compartment looking out the window as the first snow of December had come falling down. I was going to Protest to my brother the King. If he is as hot headed as we were children or worse I stand no chance. Though if he can se the hurt in my eyes it maybe easy.

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