Commander Love {Artemis Fowl}

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    Commander Love {Artemis Fowl}

    Post by princessofslytherin on Tue Feb 17, 2009 2:11 pm

    Holly Short was sitting in the commanders office wondering why did commander Root and Vinyaya drag her in there? Then Trouble was dragged in there as well.

    When the commanders came in they were BOTH happy. weird. Trouble had a

    dumfounded look on his face. I knew what this was regarding. FlashBack

    Trouble and i were walking home from our shift like we normally do then we saw Root and Vinyaya. They were whispering to eachother. Trouble and i hid in the shadows . Then we realized something they were both dressed up. We gave a quizzical look. Then they kissed we stood there dumfounded. Then Root pulled Vinyaya into his apartment. That was when Trouble and i left.
    End falshback
    As they stood there, Vinyaya was giggaling like a hyena the closer they got.
    "Oficers," Root bellowed. "We have a vary important mission for you."
    "What is it commander?" Holly question.
    "We need you to be the maid of honer, and the best man."
    Both Holly and Trouble were confused. What were they talking about????
    "For whose wedding?" Trouble asked.
    They stared at them with little wicked smiles.
    "Omigod," Holly gasped, relizing what they had ment.
    "Holy D'arvit!!!!" Trouble shouted. "You two?!?!? Holy D'arvit!!!!!!!!"
    Then Holly and Trouble started jumping up and down with excitement. Before long, they started running thru the whole LEP station yelling; "Root and Vinyaya are getting married!!!!!! Root and Vinyaya are getting married!!!!!!"
    All around the station, root and vinyaya could hear the officers from the sound proof office. "so much for it being a secret" said Root "oh,Julius" giggled vinyaya

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