[RP Training] Tavern Of The Night


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    [RP Training] Tavern Of The Night

    Post by Kali Shadowstar on Fri Mar 27, 2009 6:36 am

    As you walk upon the large cathedral-like building you see black wooden doors. Next to the doors is a sign that reads, “Abandon all hope”. As you pull open the only door with a handle, you enter the massive building. On the inside it looks much larger then when you stood outside it. As you glance around there a few key points that you notice. First is the massive bar that takes up the whole left wall. Behind it is stocked with every drinkable liquid available, and some that only “special” customers receive. Behind the bar is a secret door that only two can enter, and only those two know it's location. Directly in-front of you are tables and chairs splayed about the room, for any one whom would like to sit and relax instead of sitting at the bar. On the far wall there is a spiral stair case that leads to the second and third floor, where one can sleep for a few gold coins handed to the Tavern's Mistress. Each floor has about a dozen rooms each. In each room there is a large bed, a washroom, a dresser, and a nightstand. All rooms on both sides have a window that face a large forest, no matter if they do or not.

    1. Same as all RolePlay rules.
    2. If you must fight, do so but break it up without damaging my tavern or take it outside.
    3. If you want to take a character up to a room to do naughty things with then you may but keep it clean. Anything past kissing and LIGHT groping must be moved to PM's. If I see any more then that you will get ONE warning then removed from the thread for any other incidents.
    4. Enjoy your drinks and have fun.

    Tavern Mistress- Me
    All available

    No profiles required.
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    Re: [RP Training] Tavern Of The Night

    Post by Meira on Sat Apr 04, 2009 10:19 am

    I push the door open with my right hand. The left hand is holding a chain that goes over my shoulder, attached to a black coffin behind me.
    I enter the Tavern wearing nothing more but a black mantle, covering all of my body. The lights of the candles make my eyes shine.

    As I walk inside, dragging the coffin, I hear a sweet voice from near the bar:

    "Don't damage my floor, I just had it swiped" said Angel, the Tavern Mistress.

    Without complaining, I gently wrap the chain around the coffin and lift it up my back. After all, It's my coffin I'm carrying.

    I sit in one of the far-off tables, and wait.

    After some time, as the heat of the candle melted it, I stand up, leaving the candle on top of my coffin, and approach the bar.

    "I'd like the blue one" my voice echoes through the Tavern, as I point to an old Blue bottle on the wall behind the bar.
    "Surely" says Angel.

    Before taking the cup to the table, I left a few gold coins at the bar.

    As I sat, I remove the already extinguished candle off my coffin and start drinking the blue fluid. Probably the junction of some trauka variants, squashed, or even the sweat of death itself. But it sure was hot.
    I sit back and find comfort in the wooden chair. I wait patiently for my mind to decide my next move.

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    Re: [RP Training] Tavern Of The Night

    Post by Rickettz on Sun Apr 05, 2009 3:32 am

    (ooc) I'm not used to doing this in the first person...

    (bic) Staring at the establishment sign, trying to decide if my friends would like this bar as well, I conclude that it would be a good idea to try before you invite guests to partake. Easing the door open and sliding through, hoping to make as minimal noise as possible, I move in and take my first glance at the bar. 'Not too shabby...' I think to myself as I head straight to the bar. "Excuse me... this might sound like a very.... very weird request, but I wonder if you could mix a glass of Tequila, Whiskey, Spring water and some battery acid, less on the battery acid if you please."

    Taking the beverage in hand and moving to one of the closest stools to the door, I place the drink down and turn so I can see the door. 'So far, one sure escape route, front door and maybe one upstairs, uncertain...' I mull over as I sip at my usual beverage. 'This bring back memories of Sarge's Bar and Grill.... been such a long time....'
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    Re: [RP Training] Tavern Of The Night

    Post by Fizzie on Tue Apr 07, 2009 1:38 am

    I know what you mean, Rick!! On the first person thing, and on the Bar And Grill thing!! Hehehe!! Oh, the memories of madness. XP

    As I wander down the street, with my headphones blasting music into my ears, I spot this place I've never been to before. I enter, letting out a satisifing stretch on my way inside and then towards the bar.

    Removing my headphones as the lady behind the bar approaches, I give her a smile...

    "Can I have a strawberry milkshake, please?" I ask, hoping she serves them in a place like this, and hoping it's the type with actual strawberry ice-cream inside, not just some cheap flavoured milk mix.

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    Re: [RP Training] Tavern Of The Night

    Post by Keibi Hikari on Sat Aug 15, 2009 9:03 pm

    After a hard days work out in the orchards, or rather, a day spent hardly working lounging beneath the shade of an apple tree, I limp over towards this building that I'm sure I should have noticed by now. Still, this is me, the genious that found out if an apple hits you on the head, it hurts.

    Smiling politely to everyone else in the bar, yet not recieving any nicities back, I decide to retreat to the comfort of a small table hidden in the darkened corner of the room.

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    Re: [RP Training] Tavern Of The Night

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