Asteroid Earth

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    Asteroid Earth

    Post by Chojin on Sat Apr 11, 2009 4:57 am

    In the year 2015, Earth was almost at the peak of their technological advancement. Their next endeavour would lead them to manned exploration of space. With all the excitement of finally reaching the stars, the people of Earth didnít know how close they would come to extinction.

    In June of 2016, Earth was hit by an asteroid the size of Ukraine. Within hours, the lower atmosphere became choked with dust. Smaller asteroids continued to fall all over the world, ranging from a mere metre across, to the size of a large car. Very few humans survived, the overall population reduced to a meagre 3 million humans.

    These humans had to quickly learn to live of the land around them. Earth was now a completely different place. Natural light only reached them on rare occasions. Life always finds away, proving that humans are more resourceful than they appear.

    2018; though it hasnít been long since the collision, it is soon clear that Earth will never be the same again. The skies were still not clear, the asteroid storms still had not ceased completely, the heat was still horrible, though there had been a slight drop in recent times. Creatures, the likes of which we have never seen, though bare resemblance to some of the pre-asteroids creatures; and not a lot of these were friendly. Life for the humans still goes on, now set in their ways of surviving in a world where itís necessary to do what you can to survive.

    Since the time of the collision, the humans had moved as far away from ground zero in order to find somewhere safe. As a result, they had ended up in small enclaves, scattered through the opposite side of the world. The largest of these being known as Equa. Over time, the enclaves moved closer to Equa, with the intent of merging. The more the enclaves merged, the safer they would be.


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