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    Sony Aibo

    Post by Fizzie on Tue Jun 16, 2009 7:08 pm

    Just wondering if any if you guys ever wanted (or even managed to get) one of these doggies?

    I've wanted one ever since I first saw the ERS110, which is this one here:

    And I loved the newer ERS210 model, which is this one here:

    I never really liked the ERS311, which is this one here:

    I think they tried to make it look "cuter", but failed.

    I liked the newer ERS220, which is this one here:

    It's very high-tech looking. Hehe!!

    Now though, if I got one, I'd probably go for the ERS7, which is this one here:

    Mainly because the ERS7's software can be upgraded so much more and it has alot more to offer than the others. Like interactions and randomness and stuffs. XP

    I'd love one of these guys. Though I couldn't decide if it should run on Mind 2 or Mind 3 software. Mind 3 is obviously the upgraded version, but Mind 2 has them speaking in tones, which is really cute. But Mind 3 has them speak English, which is funny. XP

    I'd love a little black one!!

    It's just a shame they're still amazingly high priced. ;_;


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