[Poem] Confusion

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    [Poem] Confusion

    Post by Chojin on Sat Apr 19, 2008 8:57 am

    Ok, this is basically my frst attempt at poetry. I wrote it because of how I been feeling a lot at the time. I won't go into detail here, or at all really. Hopefully, this poem will help you understand. What I will say, though, is that I wrote this poem because of a girl.

    Like I said, it's my first attempt at poetry, so please go easy on it

    Thrown up, down, left, right,
    Like a roller coaster without a harness.
    Standing here in the light,
    But all I see is darkness.

    Time has been good to me,
    Though intent on doing harm.
    Adrift in the turbulent sea of tranquillity,
    A storm before the calm.

    As I wander aimlessly,
    In search of no despair.
    Donít know where I need to be,
    Wondering if Iím even there.

    I take long looks at my life,
    Wondering if itís just an illusion.
    I feel just like a leaf,
    Caught in the gentle breeze in the maelstrom of confusion.

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