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    Post by Kazenone on Mon Mar 22, 2010 5:46 pm

    This one is a band which i'm mostly sure most of you wont have heard of, but these guys were in my classes waaaaaaay back in sixth form, and ended up headlining a couple of gigs at the oxford carling academy before they all split up to go their seperate ways at uni. They were going to do a one-off reunion gig a couple months back, but never did, but they have some real skill and the singer has an amazing voice Smile

    All of these got sent to me by their keyboardist, and I wasnt quite sure how to show them off to people, so rapidshare will have to do! (Although because im not a premium member, i think it only gets 10 download passes ^^). Let me know what you think! (Also, turn the volume up at the end of "Murder in room 20B" for some banter amongst the band.) Especially check out "paper boxer" and cue (regular and revamped Razz).


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