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    Post by Fizzie on Wed Aug 25, 2010 2:48 am

    I went to see Predators a good few weeks ago with Kaze, and it was awesome!! I really enjoyed it. Lots of action and the introduction of other creatures to feed my curiosity. I've heard a few people complain that there was too much focus on the human characters, but a) while it was heavy on the human cast (hence the title being of double-meaning), it did reveal alot of new Predator focused stuff, and b) isn't that what you expect from a Predator movie anyway? The older movies always tried to keep a sense of mystery where the Predator was concerned. They were always more human focused movies. So, to me, it was refreshing to see more of the Predators, and have some new creatures thrown in too.

    And because things felt quite different from the original movies, I also heard complaints about that. But I guess it's hard to find a balance here. They wanted to keep it from feeling too different to the originals, but at the same time, they wanted to move forward. They also have alot more freedom with effects and such now, so maybe the new movie is an indication as to what they hoped to achieve with the older movies, but it just wasn't possible. Though, I have to admit that it had an Alien Vs Predator: Requiem feel to it. I'm sure if it was the style of directing or what. But that's kinda how it felt to me (even right from the teaser trailors).

    I can't say too much about it as I wanna avoid spoilers, but the new creatures and the new team of Predators (that's the best I can describe them without spoilers - lol), were really interesting, and I just wish I could find more information on them than what I already have. And I hope we see more of them, and learn more, in future films.


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