What I want [Poem]

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    What I want [Poem]

    Post by Chojin on Fri Feb 04, 2011 12:48 am

    I want my world,
    I want my Sky.
    I want so much,
    No word of a lie.

    You leave me here,
    Like an empty shell.
    Inside Iím torn apart,
    It feels like hell.

    I feel so lost,
    I feel uncomfortable.
    Lost without you,
    Iím just so miserable.

    A gaping void,
    With nothing to fill.
    So unenthused,
    Through lack of will.

    Itís all downhill,
    My mindís a mess.
    I lack the words,
    I need to express.

    Ok, so I lied,
    Itís time to be true.
    I want just one thing,
    And that one thing is you.



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