Final Fantasy VII

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    Final Fantasy VII

    Post by Chojin on Thu Apr 14, 2011 4:19 am

    Kuki's on to something with seperate FF threads alongside the general thread. If the marmite of the FF series gets it's own thread, the pizza of the series should, too.

    Final Fantasy VII is arguably the best FF out there. Obviously with age, and the release of more upto date games of the series, it has fallen by the wayside for many gamers; myself included. I have recently found out that the world record for completing FFVII is a mere 7 hrs 41 mins. It was done by Andrew "Farringa" Farrington (USA) on 4th June 2007. I'd be seeing the Midgar Zolom for the first time... or maybe I'd be listening to the flashback at Kalm, I forget.

    I'm not too sure that this is actually possible, at least not without a save game editor for the PC version, so I may have to put it to the test... it'll certainly test my knowledge of the game considering I'll have to do a lot of things from memory.

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    Re: Final Fantasy VII

    Post by OokamiSephona on Mon Sep 26, 2011 10:30 am

    I agree that final fantasy 7 would be classed as the Pizza of the Final fantasy franchise but pizzas can have different toppings and so does FF7.

    By toppings i am referring to the different spin off's that the game has had. We`ve got prequels and squeals all of different types of game play and deliverance of the story.

    My favourite out of the whole series would have to be Crisis Core due to the shear emotion that is portrayed in the game. Yes we all knew what was going to happen but when i started playing i never expected as much feeling as that. Some people would disagree due to the change in game play with the DMW bringing such a big change to the feel of the game and the fighting system. I will agree it brought a change but i felt it was a good change. Unlike Dirge of Cerberus which just changed to a basic shoot`em up which i felt was a bad move on the behalf of Square Enix. Final Fantasy is about RPG`s and i applaud square for trying something new but in my opinion it was just wrong.

    In all honesty FF7 isn't my favourite but it is one of the best.

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