Aliens: Homecoming

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    Aliens: Homecoming

    Post by Chojin on Sat Jan 14, 2012 9:26 pm

    Not really placing restrictions on this one, and it's been a while since I did this (and I'm half asleep, lol). Below is just a template, but includes the more important information needed.

    Full Name:
    Nick Name: (callsign if you're RPing a marine or merc)
    Sex: ("Yes please" is not an acceptable resonse, though it might get a few giggles; Gender. State if synthetic)
    Clothes: (your character's clothing, including colours, and any accessories)
    Allignment: (Marine, Civvy, Merc., Company Employee, etc.)
    Weapons: (Up to 3, ONLY)

    EDIT: Template changed.

    Aliens: Homecoming discussion

    Aliens: Homecoming RP

    Aliens: Homecoming story

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    Re: Aliens: Homecoming

    Post by Chojin on Sun Jan 15, 2012 12:17 am

    Full Name: Josh Hauser

    Nick Name: Hauser

    Age: 29

    Gender: Male

    Height: 5’9”

    Hair: Short cut, dark hair with a tussled look.

    Eyes: Brown

    Clothes: Personalised uniform, dog tags, small wrist-mounted armoured buckler, acid proof boots with a lightish-red tint to them. A single bullet with the name his dad used to call his mother; “lady”.

    Allignment: Marine

    Weapons: M42C Sniper Rifle
    M41 Pulse Rifle
    M4A4 Pistol

    Background: Josh was born on Earth and had spent most of his life there. He always knew he wanted to join the Marines, because that’s what his father was. He wasn’t that high in rank, but Josh looked up to him for the good he was doing. Josh signed up for the marines at a young age, though he was refused many times because he was too young. Finally, after several disheartening years, he reached the minimum age to join the Marines and was accepted. Unfortunately, his father wasn’t around to share in his good news; one of the downsides to doing a tour of the colonies. As the years went by, Josh and his father got together many times during their downtime and shared their war stories with each other. The two were in their element.

    Josh’s mother, Marie “Lady” Lhuck, was a sickly woman after contracting a disease during an accident with contaminated materials. Before the incident, she had been a nurse based at one of the Company’s orbiting facilities, though she spent quite a bit of time on the surface. After the incident, she was earth bound and spent the rest of her life in and out of hospital.

    At the start of the Solomon Islands incident, Josh was stationed at a nearby facility in New Zealand. This facility, though not owned by the company, still made use of the company’s equipment and staff due to certain business deals. Being close by, Josh was called up as soon as contact was lost with the Solomon’s facility. After briefing, Josh was given the chance to turn down the assignment, due to its potential one-way nature. Josh couldn’t turn it down, because he was not fully aware of the details.

    After landfall, Josh became cut off from his squad during the first encounter with the creatures. Staying away from them as much as possible, he tried to track down his squad, but somehow made his way to a populated area. It wouldn’t be long before the creatures found him.

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    Re: Aliens: Homecoming

    Post by Fizzie on Thu Jan 19, 2012 8:36 am

    Full Name: Ashley Hayden

    Nick Name: Ash

    Age: 23

    Sex: Female

    Height: 5ft 5in

    Hair: Dirty blonde. Just above shoulder length. Fringe brushed to her left side. Thin braid hanging down (amoungst the rest of her loose hanging hair) on her right.

    Eyes: Hazel

    Clothes: A vest style top she made herself patching together several differnet materials. Dark trainers. Dark, baggy, combat style bottoms. Cuff band on her left wrist. Several rubber bangles on her right wrist. A choker around her neck with a silver star pendant attached to it.

    Allignment: Civilian

    Weapons: -----

    Background: Ash came to this island on a vacation/tour with some of her friends. She's the lead singer in a band called "Graffik", and the group decided to take a holiday "with a difference". Most people seem to visit the main islands when they go on a "road the world" trip, but they've decided (partly by budget) to visit mostly smaller islands instead.

    They've also been making a little money by getting themselves a few gigs here and there (mostly in bars) as they travel.

    Ashley's abit of a tomboy and as such enjoys activities such a rally car racing, paint-balling, and one of her main hobby is gaming. She can usually be found in an arcade somewhere (if not enjoying the sun at the beach). She's also a self-taught hacker, and has a high interest for space exploration. The hacking itself was only taken-up due to her own curiosity into what secrets may lie hidden by those shadey govenments. And going into space itself is a big dream of hers. She knows it'll probably never happen... but it's nice to dream.

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    Re: Aliens: Homecoming

    Post by Rickettz on Thu Jan 19, 2012 12:01 pm

    Full Name: Racz Armin
    Nick Name: "Shuteye"
    Age: 26
    Sex: Male
    Height: 174 cm / 5' 9"
    Hair: Dirty blonde, straight, done into dreadlocks with obsidian clasps, peach-fuzz facial hair.
    Eyes: Hazel with tinges of green.
    Weapons: Two Matte black M4A2 Pistols with M901 Ammunition, One M41E1 Pulse Rife with 32.7 cm Barrel and 3x AN/RVS-48 CCD vision sight.
    Clothes: Form-fitting, bio-hazard sealed body suit (Matte black finish), Military grade steel capped boots, carbonweave belt with hanfing holsters.
    Allignment: Mercenary; "SCG International", "High Risk Corporate Security Detail"
    Background: Just prior to the new century, Racz Armin was born on the war-torn edges of the Europian Conglomeracy, or Norway. His life grew from then on into a race for survival, running with his parents from hostile forces (which were mostly everyone it seemed) and stealing food from small villages or townships in their flight. It all changed in 2114.

    Having been split from his parents for two years. Racz was holes up in an abandoned bunker on the fringes of Russian territory when an unmarked helicopter landed outside the bunker, four men exited and made their way to the entrance. Racz crawled further into the recesses of the large room as the men exploded the doorway and marched in, guns raised. As the rifle lights scanned the room and found him, one man dropped to a knee and pulled his armoured helmet off. Blonde hair came spilling out and the man grinned. "What is you name?" Came the mans voice in Racz's homeland's tongue.

    Ten years later, Racz was sitting on the rivers edge, down a dirt road out of Mbambanakira Airport, where his demountable had been dropped by the company, when his com began to ring. Into his ear played the message he had hoped to never hear, "Containment breach, Sector security failure, High Risk Detail Activate." spoke the mechanical voice."You heard the gal, Shuteye. Time to work." Came another, more human voice."I heard it. Rendezvous point Alpha." He replied, pulling the camoflauge tarp from the 'special equipment' he had dropped with the demountable. Radar was already working and detected no masses in the immediate airspace, which was the go ahead for Racz, strapping himself into the harness, being rocketed to approximately 3 kilometers into the air where the carbon-fibre wings extended, the rocketz disengaged and he began his glide towards the center of the island and Chaliaru.

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    Re: Aliens: Homecoming

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