Basic Roleplaying Rules

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    Basic Roleplaying Rules

    Post by Fizzie on Mon Apr 28, 2008 11:07 am

    Please read these before doing anything else regarding roleplaying!!

    First of all:

    Creators: Only post your RP threads after you have recieved approval from one of the RP Moderators.
    This is so we don't get cluttered with RPs that just haven't had any effort put into their making, or are just plain rediculous. Just PM your game to the RP moderators and await their reply.

    Players: Only post your bios in an RP Bio Thread after you have recieved approval from that RP's Creator.
    This is so bio threads don't get clogged-up with bios that the Creator(s) may just decide to deny anyway. Just PM your bio to the RP's creator and await their reply.

    And now onto the other stuff:

    No power playing.
    Also know as God Moding. This is unfair to other players and is strictly forbidden.

    Don't do anything drastic to someone else's character without receiving their permission first.
    Just use your common sense with this one. Don't go killing-off someone else's character unless you've cleared it with them first. Stuff like that.

    Read other's people's bios before writing them into your own post.
    Obviously, this is so nobody's character gets messed-up through someone else's ignorance.

    Read other people's posts before making a post of your own.
    Again, same as above and also so that the story doesn't get messed-up either.

    No one-liners.
    If you're really stuck then talk to others to come-up some ideas. Please try to have no less than five lines a post and remember that it's always "the more, the merrier" (within reason, of course).

    Break the rules and prepare to feel the wrath of... something terrible. >_>

    Seriously. Don't do it.

    These rules are, of course, subject to change at the request of the RP Creator(s).

    All RP Creators are to please be sure to highlight any extra rules you would like to add to your RP and to also point-out any rules you would like to nullify in your RP in the very first post of your RP discription.

    If anyone has any questions or suggestions regarding rules (including adding new ones); please feel free to PM me anytime and we will get back to you.



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