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    Forum Rules

    Post by Fizzie on Tue Apr 29, 2008 12:39 am

    Please read the rules before you do anything else!!

    And please check back regularly for updates.

    1) Please respect others and their opinions.

    2) Please try not to double-post.

    3) Please make sure images fit the board width before posting. If an image is too big, either resize it, or create a smaller preview (linking it to the full-sized image), or link it with only text.

    4) Please keep avatars static (no animations), and no bigger than 100 pixals in length and 100 pixals in height.

    5) Please keep signatures static (no animations), and no bigger than 500 pixals in length and 150 pixals in height. Exceptions come during events such as Expo when I know some of us would like to display our planned cosplays (in this case, an icon per cosplay may be displayed, suggesting Saturday on one side of your usual signature, and Sunday on the other - keep it avatar sized, please). Also, in the case of Expo, you can have the icons of the planned characters on display for a month before Expo, and icons of yourself cosplaying those characters for a month after Expo. Also feel free to contact me regarding any other exceptions you might like.

    6) Please do not post in bold or italics all the time.

    7) Please do not post in colours.

    8) Please do not refer to anyone via their real name (even if they have entered it in their profile), except for in the Blogs section (and only if they don't mind).

    9) Please do not post advertisement topics without approval from myself first (you can seek this by PMing details of the advertisement).

    The following will not be tolerated:

    1) Sexual / pornographic content.

    2) Hateful or abusive content.

    3) Sale or exchange of medication that requires a prescription from a licensed practitioner, or medicines without prescription / drugs and any other illicit substance.

    4) Copyright infringment / hacking.

    5) Phishing / malware.


    Exceptions are made with certain points when it comes to artwork and writting, as long as there is a clear rating or warning before the content is visible.


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