SMT: Mundus Nova Tarturus

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    SMT: Mundus Nova Tarturus

    Post by Jeimuzu on Sat Oct 25, 2008 8:29 pm

    In the year 2010, World War 3 was about to start, as well as end abruptly, as the awesome power of nuclear weaponry threatened the planet itself. The decades of political power struggles, corruptions of justice and the decay of human faith in each other, all came up to this point, of self annihilation.
    But as the curtain was about to fall…light came from the sky…fire erupted from the earth, and humanity looked in horror…as The Apocalypse, Judgement and Purification of The World, came crashing in.
    As the Supernatural War subsided, the earth a shadow of it’s former self, it could be said that at last, there was peace on earth. Or so we would think…

    The year 2110, a hundred years since the Apocalypse. Many humans ascended to heaven, and others were cast to hell. But then there were those who could not be claimed by either powers. And so a cruel fate was put upon them.
    Humanity would not be forgiven this time, and so would be punished…by acting out in one final war, of which would also decide whether earth would be reborn by Divine powers…or enveloped into the darkness of Hell.
    This the War of the Corrupted.
    A large number of human’s were forcibly corrupted with either the Divine Lineage, the powers of Heaven and its servants. Or the Demonic Lineage, the Powers of Hell and its damned. Each side would battle each other; absorb their foes energies, until one side is left. Then the world would fall under the jurisdiction of the winning lineage, and the left over “pure” humans, uncorrupted by the lineages, would be bound by its new owner’s law, of which they could be destroyed, enslaved or even reborn and cleansed of past sins to begin a new path to happiness, in darkness or light.

    There are 10 million humans, pure and corrupted dwelling on this Wasteland that was formerly earth. Where there are buildings that look as though they have been destroyed for over 3000 years, even though it was only a century ago. Food is scarce, but thanks to the energies of the Corrupts, there are Plantation and Animal Rearing Domes that have been constructed to feed the world. But even they are subject to attacks, to cause trouble to either Lineage forces.
    Humans will either hide, or join either side to survive. They are weak.

    However…neither side, nor could their Creators would expect that a being could be born to tip the scales of this Supernatural War.
    This is where our story begins…

    America, once known as “Land of the Free”.
    Walking through the ruins of New York, a former metropolis now just a barren of useless buildings, is a young man who has just delivered a death blow to his enemy.
    “What!? You killed him!? You f***ing d*ck! You’re mine!” shouts the ally of the fallen enemy.
    He then transforms into a lion like creature that has a pair of wings, he roars with fire and runs to attack his enemy.
    The Young Man stands calm, then effortlessly dodges the creature and fires two bullets into its wings with his handgun.
    The creature cries in pain, and as it was regaining its composure, the Young Man transforms into a dark and ominous form, charges towards the lion creature, and tears it apart with his claws. He then begins to devour his opponent and it’s life energies.
    Afterwards he transforms back into his human form.
    “Seems like I’m well known even here,” says the Young Man to himself, “Well…I didn’t come to die…so I better keep moving.”
    He wraps a cloak around him to cover himself from the blazing sun and walks onward through the city.
    He is known as Seth, The Reaper. Feared by many, and always walks alone. He has come far from the continent of Europe, in search of answers of his existence. He comes to America in search of the Holy Citadel of Azrael, a cathedral that came into being when the apocalypse came, and is guarded by Heaven’s Angels…and kills all who dare to enter. But if one were to enter…they could find what answers they needed.
    This is Seth’s mission.
    But for now he is searching for the Remnants of the Empire State Building, for there it is said there is a man who knows the way to the Citadel, and Seth is willing to do anything to reach his goal…

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