Persona: Be Your True Mind

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    Persona: Be Your True Mind

    Post by Jeimuzu on Mon May 18, 2009 7:26 am

    Persona - Be Your True Mind
    It is the year 2010, somehow the world is recovering from its financial recession, of which has not been fully explained by politicians but the public are happy to know that the world is stable again...for now.

    And in the city of Ibunroku, Japan, strange events have been happening.
    Recently, a young girl has been found brutally murdered, with all of her internal organs out for all to see. But the mystery is that there are no lacerations, no bruising, or even signs of struggle.

    All of which Nazo has been reading in a newspaper next to him on the train to Ibunroku.
    "Great, I'm movin' to a city where peoples insides are taken out...just great." thought Nazo to himself.
    Nazo Yatenno, recently transferred from Tokyo, for reasons against his will by his parents to be enrolled into Ibunroku Academy, a private school for either the very rich, or exceptionally gifted mentally or physically. In Nazo's case, because his parents are rich and have to work overseas for a year. Because of this is, he is forced to attend private school instead of being left alone unsupervised.
    With still a while before he arrives, he sleeps...
    Then Nazo dreams...and is somehow envisioned in an old castle, looking over the stairs at a conversation between two men.
    "Why are you doing this? There's no justification for it" says a man of medium height in nothing but grey attire, from his boots, to his trousers and long coat, even his eyes and hair.
    "Hahahaha, Philemon, my old friend, you know I do not have to justify my actions," said the taller man, wearing a black full length cloak and hood with extravagant red symbols decorated on it, "And even then, nor will I ever! HA!" .
    "Nyarlathotep, we were never friends, nor do I intend to be so either. But I am....displeased with what has happened beyond the Veil. I ask you politely to desist and cease further abhorations on the other side" said Philemon, in a very calm but emotionless manner.
    "But I must! The wheels of fate are turning...and the contract that was concieved must now reap the benefits of the fine print. I bid thee adieu! Ta ta for now!" said the man known as Nyarlathotep.
    Nyarlathotep then walked away and faded into the background.
    Then Philemon looked directly at Nazo, grey dull eyes that looked upon the boy without surprise, or any other emotion.
    "We will speak later, Mr Yatenno...but you have business to attend to." said Philemon.
    Then Nazo awoke in shock, a small yell came from his lips, which startled the sleepy passengers. An announcement was heard on the train.
    "We are now arriving at Ibunroku Station, please be careful when vacating from the train. Thank you for riding with us."
    Nazo grabbed all his stuff, and left the train and into it's station. He went outside where a driver holding a sign with Nazo's name on it.
    "Ah Mr Yatenno, I'm here to drive you to the academy and escort to your dorm where you will be staying with us for this year. Pleased to meet you."
    The driver held out his hand to Nazo. Nazo just ignored it and went into the car.
    He wondered how many of the students there would be gossiping about him, as thats usually what happens when a transfer student joins a class...he had the feeling he was not going to enjoy this...

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