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    Post by Chojin on Mon Feb 13, 2012 11:11 pm

    We all know what charities aimed to do, and their cause is noble. But are they really fulfilling their mandate?

    In my personal opinion, I think not, and I'll explain with my response to a post on Facebook.

    I'm so fed up of seeing supposed non-profit charities spending donated money on expanding shops and spending loads of money on continued advertising. They get around 208 per year from just one person, and there are millions of people all over the world donating. If you do the math, then third world countries should be well on the way to become better places to live if the charities collecting for them would actually stop thinking of themselves and the impression they give people at home and actually do what they claim they're doing.

    Let's also not forget that before money we had wells, rudimentary medicine, sturdy houses and basic education. Why do they need so much money, now, to provide basic provisions to a populace that would benefit, even from what we had hundreds of years ago?

    Bear in mind that they have also been collecting for many many years.


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