[FanFic] Harry Potter And Ghost Whisperer

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    [FanFic] Harry Potter And Ghost Whisperer

    Post by princessofslytherin on Tue Feb 17, 2009 2:08 pm

    Melinda's POV

    I was walking into my Antique shop.
    "Hello Delia," I greeted
    "Hi, Mel." she replied "we got a new shipment of cups." she also informed me.
    I went in the back and opened the box and all of the cups were porcelain except one. It was pure gold and had a badger engraved on the front. I picked it up and dropped it. There was a soul attached to it or rather part of a soul. This was my first time encountering that. When I looked inside the cup there was a man that looked sort of like me but about 2 years older. He looked like my father Tom Riddle but not quite. My last name was Gordon because I took on my Moms name. My father left when I was Five years old. My mother says it was because my family could see ghosts. I hated him for that. My daughter came in
    "Belinda, Do you see a ghost in here?'' she nodded it was official there was a ghost in here.

    Lord Voldemort POV

    I was sensing something but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. So I followed it and I reached a quiet little town called Grandview. I followed it to an Antique shop and saw my cup. I took on my human form and walked in. There was a black haired girl at the counter. She looked well like me. But I had killed all of my relatives. Or so I hoped. I saw recognition in her eyes. "Hello. I am Tom Riddle." I said. She gasped. then returned to normal. Hi I am Melinda Gordon and I think I Know what you are looking for."

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